Screen Savers
Xara Tull (version 1) 690 kb This one is the standard XaraCube screensaver, with Tull pix inserted onto the cube.  Very configurable.
Xara Tull (version 2) 4.2 mb IA painting by Leslie Miller and AVI from Erin Ward. Uses XaraCube version 2 (This will overwrite version 1 above).
Tull Albums (version 2) 811 kb Created with PhotoOp.  Features all official Tull albums and midi of Living In The Past.
Divinities 1.2 963 kb Created with PhotoOp, features images of IA and includes midis of In The Moneylender's Temple and At Their Father's Knee.
Velvet Green midiwork 67.8 kb MWK file that plays midi of Velvet Green with interesting laser effects that keep the beat. Requires MidiWorks Player, which you can download here (407 kb, zip format).
Faces Of Ian Anderson 870 kb Created with PhotoOp.  Features images of IA and a midi of Wond'ring Aloud.
Tull Logo Screens
For Windows 95/98, these logo.sys screens replace your present startup, wait, and shutdown screens. Complete instructions included.
And just in case you need them, here's the original
Windows 95 and Windows 98 Logo screens.
Tull Logo screens #1
273 kb
Tull Logo screens #2
122 kb
Tull Logo screens #3
379 kb
Tull Desktop Themes
To install Windows desktop themes, you need Microsoft Plus! or Leftside Software's Desktop Themes software. You can install these themes manually, but I suggest downloading Desktop Themes from either the Tucows website or from this site. Desktop Themes is a themes manager and allows you to switch themes easily. Also refer to the readme.txt file in the themes zip file before installing the theme.
For more information on themes, check out the tutorials on Tucows Themes.
Tull Desktop Theme #1 2.26 mb This is a stab at my first theme, so I can only get better, right? :) This includes the Tull logo screens #3. I welcome all comments on this effort. Email me at
Winamp Skins
These are a few of the Tull Winamp skins I've created. If you don't have Winamp, you can download the latest version at These skins are in .wsz format and can be installed just by opening them or dropping them into your winamp/skins directory.
Tullamp I 77.9 kb
Tullamp II 175 kb
Tullamp III 227 kb
Tullamp IV 104 kb
ICQ Skins
Yes, if you didn't know it, you can skin ICQ also. You need a program called ICQ Plus to be able to do this, which is downloadable at or here on this site. Granted, my ICQ skins are not as good as some of these you'll find out there, but hey, I'm still learning. :)
To install, start up ICQ Plus from ICQ's main menu, click import, browse to the zip file containing the ICQ skin, and open. The ICQ skin should now be in your drop-down menu in ICQ Plus.
And if you don't know what ICQ is, go to to learn more.
Name Preview? Size
Tull ICQ Skin #1 522 kb
Tull ICQ Skin #2 192 kb
The Jethro Tull Hotbar Skin Center
To use Hotbar skins you must have Hotbar installed.  It's a quick automatic download and works with MS Internet Explorer 4.0+ and Netscape Navigator 4.08+. 
Go here to access the Tull Hotbar Skin Center.
(If you don't have Hotbar installed, the Hotbar download will start automatically)
Only one so far... These are self-extracting executables that will install the font into your Windows\fonts folder.  If anyone has any fonts to contribute, feel free to email me at
Name Sample Description Size
TullSymbols This is my first attempt at a font, so I figured why not a Tull-based font?  Haven't seen any fonts on the 'Net yet based on Tull.  So here's one.  Hope you find some good uses for it. :) 116 kb
MS Internet Explorer toolbar wallpaper
This is an alternative to Hotbar, in that it lets you use wallpaper for your toolbar in Internet Explorer and does not use up resources like Hotbar does. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no alternative for Netscape.  To use the graphics in IE you need to download the MSIE Toolbar addon from or from this site. Once this is installed, you can access it through IE from Tools/Toolbar Wallpaper. The graphics need to be unzipped to the Internet Explorer/Bitmaps folder.
(Note: Only works with IE 5.x)
Name Preview? Size
TullBar 1 157 kb
Links, Webrings and stuff

Many thanx goes to Adam Bodkin ("Boddo") for allowing me
to use his midi representations of Jethro Tull pieces
in some of the screensavers.  Kudos dude!

For more Tull desktop stuff and Nokia ringtones,
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